Celebration Reed & Brass Band

of Hampton, Evesham

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The membership is currently in the process of recruitment and we hope to be able to publish an updated Membership List shortly.

At the close of the 2017 summer season the band was sorry to lose the support of the following regular members:

Tom Hopkins     (University)
Tom White        (Moved away)
Colin Mattocks (Retirement from music)

Grateful thanks to the former members listed below who have continued their association and helped fulfil some engagements during the summer months namely:

Eleana, Lilya and Elodie Turner Hurd
Richard Stone
Roger and Margaret Wyatt
Richard Chapman Palmer
Roger Brotherton
Samantha Holder
Peter Johnson

Throughout last season it was occasionally necessary to use deputies and the band thanks all involved for their enthusiastic help, in particular:

Ashley Field
John Colborne
Nick Swarbrick
Alan Withers
Mandy Harding
David Llewellyn
Rosemary Dalley
Ken Smith
Adrian White
Steve Perkins
Graham Ross
Sally Joyce
Shona McDougall
Laurence Atkinson
Louise Gard
Annette Cairns and other colleagues from Royal Spa Brass

The criterion for membership of the main band, in order to maintain the highest standard of performance, is regular attendance.

Anyone not attending rehearsal for 5 consecutive weeks or more automatically forfeits their right to full membership.

Where the rule concerning 5 consecutive attendances has been infringed membership will be automatically discontinued.

No previous rights are transferable and the membership of anyone wishing to rejoin will be taken to commence from the date that they resume regular attendance.


Page updated - 30/09/17